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We are an IQM Centre of Excellence!


What is IQM?

What does each award mean?


There are three award levels, beginning with the IQM Inclusive School Award. Two higher award levels are availible to schools that continue to grow and develop their practice in conjunction with other like-minded schools. These are the IQM Centre of Excellence Award and the IQM Flagship School Award.

We are proud that Rabbsfarm Primary School
have been awarded with The IQM Centre of Excellence Award!

This award has been given to around 200 UK schools and means we continue to demonstrate a commitment to outstanding levels of inclusive practice. 

The IQM Flagship School Award is only awarded to around 100 UK schools and this is only acheived after a school has held their IQM Centre of Excellence status for at least three years. We look forward to continuing our development as an inclusive school and becoming an IQM Flagship School in the future.

Please do take a look at our IQM reports, for 2016 and 2017, which are attached below.

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