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Sara Daly - Inclusion Manager / SENCO


Reading Recovery, OCR Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties, Certificate in Competence in Educational Testing to name a few.

As well as developing the Inclusion provision within Rabbsfarm, I also support other schools to develop their own inclusion provision, either through direct work with the school, or through offering to provide training courses and resources.

My role as the SENCo is to:

  • Support teachers to identify pupils who may have barriers to their learning and provide them with appropriate support so they can reach their full potential.
  • Support teachers and Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) with the planning of inclusive and appropriately differentiated learning, programmes and interventions to support pupils with special educational needs.
  • Monitor provision put in place and the progress pupils make towards their targets.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries regarding your child’s Special Educational Needs and/or the intervention they are receiving, then please do not hesitate to contact me on 01895 444971 or sdaly@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk

Hazel Slade - Parent Governor


I have been a parent at Rabbsfarm since my daughter started reception 3 years ago. I was appointed as a parent governor in November 2016. 

With a career and qualifications in both child development and special educational needs and development I was happy to take a role on the inclusion team committee. As part of familiarising myself with my new parent governor duties I have enjoyed meeting the team and some of the children that access education and support through Launch Pad, finding out what they do and how they work. I thoroughly look forward to supporting them over the coming years.

Tiffany Nelson - Assistant Educational Psychologist


I work with pupils from a range of abilities through personalised and group interventions, providing continuous support for staff, pupils and parents.

Please see the MESH, COLT & MAT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support we provide at school.

Carrie Turner-Gould - Speech & Language Therapist (SALT)

Carrie Turner-Gould

I work with pupils with a range of speech, language and communication difficulties in school. As well as delivering therapy sessions, I works closely with parents/carers, teachers and other school staff members.

I also deliver a range of regular training courses (e.g. Signalong, Elklan communication courses).

Please see the CAIT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information on the support I provide at school.

Jill Grewal - English as an Additional Language Co-ordinator (EAL)


I have worked as the EAL Coordinator at Rabbsfarm for nearly five years. Prior to this I worked as an EAL teacher and a class teacher in Key Stage 1.

My role here involves providing EAL support in group or 1:1 situations. I work with Years 4, 5 and 6. It also involves welcoming New Arrivals and their families to our school; making an assessment of the support they will need; and liaising with class teachers to arrange appropriate support. As part of a “sub-team” of 3 EAL teachers, we also believe passionately in raising awareness of, and empathy towards, our EAL learners’ needs across the curriculum.

Please see the EAL section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm' for further information on the support I provide at the school.

Rajni Kapoor - EAL Support


My role within this school continues as a support teacher who provides special one-to-one and small group interventions. Further support children who find literacy and numeracy challenging within the classroom setting. I have witnessed many children reach a fuller potential and enter further education establishments over the past twenty or so years and continue to fulfil this role.

Please see the COLT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Sue Williamson - Reading Recovery


I have worked as a special needs/ literacy intervention teacher at Rabbsfarm Primary School. Together with Jo Buxton I was one of the original teachers in the Launch Pad. Since November 2014 I have worked as a Reading Recovery teacher (having trained as a reading recovery teacher at a previous school, where I was also a class teacher and an upper key stage 2 teacher in a speech and language SRP). Reading Recovery is a short term intensive literacy programme for KS1 children which involves daily, half hour individual lessons. We aim to accelerate their progress so that after two terms they can read and write at the same level as their peers. In addition I organise the reading buddy scheme whereby year 5 and 6 children read with children in year 2, the parent/carer volunteer reader scheme, I provide individual tuition for a child outside of the reading recovery programme (in previous years I have taught small groups of year 3 and 4 children) and I support the two FFT Teaching Assistants.

Please see the COLT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Joanna Brackley - Launch Pad Teacher


I have been working at the school for two years. Previous to this role I worked as part of the inclusion team delivering interventions. I am currently now working as a Launch Pad Teacher and work alongside a hard working team. We provide Maths and Literacy intervention for KS2 children in the morning and Nurturing and Speech and Language support for KS1 children in the afternoon. I also deliver the F.R.I.E.N.D.S programme on Friday morning, ably assisted by Debbie Long and Alice Bevan. 

My special interests in Launch Pad are working with puppets and Pie Corbett Storytelling, Child-Centred Learning Journals and digging (A plot in a box). I aim to deliver relevant, hands-on educational curriculum that each child can understand and at Rabbsfarm we do this with the support and guidance from my colleagues.

Please see the Launch Pad section, under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’, for further information about the support I provide at school.

Lynne Simon - FFT Support


I have worked with SEN children at Rabbsfarm for over 10 years, working 1:1 with children who require additional support.  I have experience in Nurturing groups, social skills groups and speech and language groups. I am currently doing FFT in the morning which is a 1:1 intervention. This involves supporting reading and writing.  In the afternoons I work as a LSA in KS2, doing a variety of different tasks to support the children and the class teacher.

Please see the COLT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Sharon Dhadrai - FFT Support


I have worked at Rabbsfarm for 20 years. I currently work as part of the LSA team delivering  FFT which is a 1:1 intervention which involves reading and writing. I also support small groups of children with handwriting and Lego therapy.

Please see the COLT & MAT section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

John Argent - Designated Safeguarding Officer


I joined as a parent governor in 2014 with the aim to ensure that all of the pupils get the best and most enjoyable education that they can. I took over the role of Safeguarding Governor at the beginning of 2017 and I enjoy working with the School's Safeguarding team who work tirelessly to bring the best possible outcomes for all of the children. I am currently an IT Project Manager specialising in software implementation programs but in my spare time I am a leader with 6th Hillingdon Scout Group and an FA qualified football coach managing a local youth football team.

Claire Bowden - Parent Governor

I have worked with children for over twenty years. This has included working in day nurseries, education and currently in health focusing on promoting the development of young children, and assisting the Child Development Centre with the diagnosis of additional needs.  My relationship with Rabbsfarm Primary School has been a long one, since my own childhood. My own children currently attend the school and last November I became a member of the governing body, so while the experience is different I am enjoying supporting inclusion at the school.

Kevin Mackelworth - Educational Psychologist (EdPsychs Limited)


I am an independent consultant educational psychologist who works for EdPsychs Ltd. I am registered as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I have been working closely with Rabbsfarm Primary School for 2 years.

I encourage positive development and well-being of pupils within the school. I work with pupils who may have a potential barrier to their learning or general social and emotional development. My work involves classroom observations, and consultations with staff, parents and other professionals who work directly with pupils within the school. The purpose of these consultation meetings is to engage adults in collaborative discussions about how to remove barriers to learning and develop strategies to support the inclusion of pupils with additional needs within lessons.

I also undertake individual assessments with pupils to build up a profile or their strengths and areas of need. These assessments are used to inform recommendations for interventions and support. I work closely with the school Inclusion Manager and other members of the school senior leadership team to identify priorities for staff professional development and provide termly staff training sessions for both class teachers and support staff.

For more information of my role within the school, please contact the school SENCo, Sara Daly.

Rachael Horner - Occupational Therapist (OT)

My role as an OT is to work in collaboration with school staff and parents to identify and provide input to children who need additional support to access the school environment and to meet their learning needs. I look at a variety of functional areas including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory processing and self-care. Through assessment and discussion with school staff I am able to provide recommendations and strategies to best support the child’s development and independence.

Please see the PASST section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information on the support I provide at the school

Ayomi Gure - Family Support Worker


I have worked at Rabbsfarm for over 10 years as a Nursery Nurse. I am a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB) with over 25 years of experience working with young children and their families. Since September 2016 I started work as a Family Support Worker in the afternoons. I believe parents hold the key role to creating a secure childhood for their children. However, sometimes they need help and support. I can offer as little or as much support required by the parent. Some may need someone to talk to, others may need more practical support. E.g. meal planning , to encourage good eating habits, promoting positive behaviour and supporting parents to establish  morning and evening routines for their children. I can also support parents to find out about other local services that are available to parents and carers.

My support is flexible and responsive to the needs of children and their families.

  • Being a listening ear or someone to talk to.
  • To offer parent/carers practical emotional and personalised support to enable them to better meet the needs of their children.
  • Reassurance.
  • Encouragement and motivation.
  • Practical help.

Please see the MESH section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Jo Buxton - Lead Launch Pad Teacher


I have been working as a teacher for over twenty years. I have been at Rabbsfarm Primary School for the last four years. Prior to working as the Lead Launch Pad teacher I worked as a SENCo for Yr1 and Yr2, a Reading Recovery teacher and a class teacher for Reception and Yr1. I work with a dedicated team supporting children, with a variety of complex needs, in the provision called Launch Pad. My role involves planning and teaching lessons that are highly differentiated to meet the needs of all the children accessing Launch Pad to support inclusion.

Please see the Launch Pad section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Melissa Jones, Debbie Long, Tracey Taylor, Aisling McDermott, Huma Mirza, Shivani Jali, Itika Sharma, Sarka Marway. Diane Hicks - Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)


We are some of the team who provide dedicated support to pupils with learning needs in class. We all work with pupils from all different backgrounds and abilities.

We are the team who provide 1:1 or group intensive support in interventions that take place outside of class. When we are not doing this we work in the classroom and provide dedicated support to pupils. 

Toni Husbands - Social & Emotional Health Support Worker


I have been working at the school for four years. I have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology and support MESH provisions within school. This means when pupils are showing Social, Emotional & mental Health difficulties I step in and talk to the teachers to see how I could support the pupil. I carry out 1:1 and group interventions to support pupils with difficulties they may be facing, such as bereavement, social and friendship difficulties. 

Please see the MESH section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

Baljit Mullins - EAL Support


I have worked at Rabbsfarm for nearly 10 years. Over the years I have carried out several 1:1 and group interventions, such as FFT, EAL, Self Esteem, Social Skills and Nurturing Groups. Currently I work as part of the EAL Team (English as an additional Language) focusing on Speaking and Listening group interventions. I carry out S1, S2 and Talking Partners programmes. I assess New EAL Arrivals and determine which Speaking and Listening intervention they should be placed on. I work mainly with the Reception and Year 1 children but also with other year groups if the level of intervention is required. As I am multilingual, I may be called upon to translate for parents and children.

Please see the EAL section under ‘Support & Interventions at Rabbsfarm’ for further information about the support I provide at school.

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