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More Able and Talented at Rabbsfarm


How do we implement this within the school?

At Rabbsfarm we adopt the following strategies and interventions to provide challenge and additional opportunity for our more able and talented pupils:

High Quality Teaching:

In class work is differentiated for pupils meaning that different levels are challenge are provided in class. Children can opt for more difficult work if they feel confident enough to do this. Teacher’s can extend work for the more able pupils through the use of higher level questioning and activities that are aimed at the top level of Bloom’s taxonomy model (see image below). Additionally, pupils who are more able may be able to tutor and help others in class once completing work as well as getting on with work as soon as it is set rather than listening to teacher instruction.

Targeted Support:

If a child needs extending over and above the support given in everyday high quality teaching then group intervention support can be offered. Examples of groups we run for our more able pupils include…

Workshops - Half or full day workshops are run in school or at another local school for pupils with guests and teachers that specialise in particular areas e.g. science, maths, authors etc.

Sports Coaching – At Rabbsfarm we have a specialist sports teacher who provides after school sports club throughout the year. Some of our pupils who are more able or have a skill in a particular sport can help out at these after school clubs and teach/coach other pupils alongside the teacher.

Art Development - When artistically talented pupils have been identified we have offered art workshops with a member of staff who herself excels in this area. Pupils who have participated in these workshops have created a number of resources such as ‘Thank you cards’ that we are able to send out to external professionals who have supported our school.  
Identified pupils have also worked with a local artist to create bespoke pieces of art that are now displayed in our school.

Individualised Support

Some pupils will need more personalised and individual plans/ programmes to ensure that they are being encouraged to achieve to the best of their ability in school. Examples of interventions run in Rabbsfarm include…

Children’s University
Children’s University is a scheme that is run across the UK for 7-14 year olds which aims to reward children for participating students for taking part in extra curricula activities as well as encouraging pupils to think about doing learning activities outside of school. This programme tracks hours pupils have attended clubs, carried out learning  activities and experiences to be acknowledged and rewarded through receiving a certificate and graduation ceremony (30+hours). It raises aspirations of our pupils by encouraging them to think about taking part in learning experiences outside of the school hours and by logging these in a ‘learning passport’.  For more information, click on the logo below to take you to the Children's University website:



Over the years, a selection of our pupils have taken part in this scheme and have been given optional learning activities to complete at home during the school holidays as well as opportunities to present their work to peers and families of others involved in the scheme. Below you can find some examples of presentations that our students developed.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) - Philosophy for Children aims to develop ‘the 4 C’s’ through the programme these are; creativeness, caring attitudes, collaboration and critical thinking. These skills are developed through getting the group to think of open philosophical questions around a stimulus (video, story, picture) and to discuss and debate the chosen question, explaining ideas and listening to others views and opinions.

During the group that was run in from November 2016- February 2017 with a handful of our Year 4 students the following questions were developed and discussed during the group sessions:

  1. When is graffiti vandalism?
  2. Is everyone guilty that fought in the war?
  3. Is it OK to be kind to people we do know but rude to people we don’t?
  4. Is it OK to make sacrifices for your closest friends?
  5. Should you always be yourself even if you are the odd one out?
  6. Should you judge someone and then feel bad after you saw they were different from your preconceptions?
  7. Is it okay to treat people the same even if you are lying?

Study Skills – Our more able pupils in Upper KS2 may have the opportunity to attend a study skills group which focusses on learning about memory and how it works. Students are then taught strategies to help them to improve their memory to consulate and remember the information they have been taught through use of categorisation, acronyms, mind mapping and using problem solving skills.

Thinking Skills – At Rabbsfarm an Assistant Psychologist can run a thinking skills group providing opportunities to challenge pupils on our More Able and Talented register. It promotes group work, growth mindset, target setting, planning for the future and questioning skills through teaching about how our brain works and how we can use these skills in the best way possible.

Tips & Suggestions

If you believe that your child may have a particular talent in a subject or skill then please contact the school about this as we would love to know what your child might do outside school.
If you have been informed by the school that your child is deemed more able in a particular subject you can support them by:

  • Encouraging them to attend an after school subject club
  • Help them to use study skills to organise information (e.g. using mind maps)
  • Encourage them to take part in extra curricula activities related to the area they are more able in
  • Encourage them and support them in the children’s University scheme, includes taking pupil on educational visits e.g. to gallery’s, museums, workshops or completing the activity sheets provided by school.

Useful Links:

National Association for Able Children in Education



London Gifted and Talented (provide tools and tips for teachers which could be used at home



Brunel Able Childrens Centre (BACE) - Read about research in more able children




Family Education -Information for parents as well as games and activities to challange your child




Potential Plus - Information for schools, parents/carers including advice sheets and resources 




Hoagies - Links for both parents and children with activities and reading



If you would like any further information on the MAT support we offer at Rabbsfarm Primary School please contact Sara Daly, the schools SENCo/Inclusion Manager, on sdaly@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk

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