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What is Children's University?


'A Journey to Independent Learning'

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Children’s University?

Children’s University encourages children to continue their learning outside of the classroom. By participating in Children's University, children can develop skills for self-directed learning, which can help improve their confidence, self-esteem and attention in class. 

How does Children's University work?

Over the course of the academic year, the children complete activities or participate in learning experiences outside of school, before graduating in the summer term.  The types of things they can do are as follows:

  • Participate in Approved Community Learning Destinations. More information below.
  • Complete Activity Challenges. More information below.
  • Encourage a Community Club they are already involved in to Sign UpMore information below. 

Children’s Passport?

The children earn hours for the time spent on each activity.  These hours are then logged in their very own passport.  The more hours the children earn, the higher the graduating award (Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate).

*The cost of the passport is £5.00 each (including replacement of lost passports). 

Children’s University Award?

All children have the chance to graduate and achieve one of three ‘Children’s University Awards’.

  • Bronze Award = 30 hours of Learning
  • Silver Award = 65 hours of Learning
  • Gold Award = 100 hours of Learning


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Logging Hours

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Earn Hours: Approved Community Learning Destinations

Please open the document below for a list of Approved Learning Destinations the children and their family can visit. When you visit an Approved Learning Destination, please ask a member of staff to sign off on the number of hours your child particpated in an activity. 
For example, if it was a Halfords 1 hour workshop, the children would have one hour signed off in their passport.

Earn Hours: Activity Challenges

Please open the 'Autumn Activity Sheet',  'Spring Activity Sheet' or 'Summer Activity Sheet' below for a list of possible activities the children can complete at home or in school (outside formal learning time).  There is also a 'Success Criteria Sheet' to support the children's planning for larger projects.  Please print or ask at Rabbsfarm Reception for a copy.

Earn Hours: Ask a club you're already involved in to 'Sign Up'

If your child already participates in an after-school club, why not get them to sign up to become an 'Approved Community Learning Destination'?  Take this form to the management department of your child's club to complete and sign. Return to Mr Hazel, who will confirm the club's status as 'Validated' or not.  If the club does not want to sign up, please advise Mr Hazel who will make a discretionary decision on whether the club meets the criteria.  Please print or ask at Rabbsfarm reception for a copy.


Graduation Assembly!! Confirmed for Tuesday, 10th of July.  Main Hall Rabbsfarm Primary School.  9.05am until 9.45am.  20 minute presentation followed by tea and coffee.  Time to CELEBRATE.

How can I support my child?

Encouraging children to try new activities and unfamiliar experiences, and promoting independence in learners is a key principle of Children’s University learning. Within any award there should be a mix of activities, ideally no more than a third of any award spent on a single activity.

For example: A 30 hour CU Award could be made up of:

  • 10 hours of Swimming Club activities (practice, competitions, coaching)
  • 4 hours of Brownies (Badgework is the main focus of learning)
  • 10 hours of school clubs (e.g. Chess, Cookery)
  • 6 hours of music (tuition, practice, performance)
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