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Rabbsfarm School Parent Council


Rabbsfarm's Parent Council was established in September 2013 and allows us to have a stong link with our parents.

The group meets on a regular basis to discuss ideas and put forward a parental voice to the leadership of the school.

Since its conception the Parent Council helped with arrangements during our transition period from our old buildings into the new and have been a valued support to the school.

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Terms of Reference

Name of Group:  Parent Council
Title: Terms of reference 22-9-14 terms of reference written
Purpose / role of the group:

The Parent Council is a consultative group which provides feedback and ideas to the school on issues affecting pupils.

The group was established in September 2013 by Mr P Hazell (Deputy Head) and
Mrs A McElwee (Assistant Head).

The aims and responsibilities of the group are to:-

  • Provide a forum for parents where they can meet, share ideas and put forward their views to school leaders.
  • Foster a culture of ownership as parents feel involved in decision making.
  • Support children in their learning as parent receive advice they need.
  • Provide information for parents about their children’s education.
  • Build working relationships between parents and teachers.
  • Develop a better understanding of the views and needs of parents.
  • Parents become involved more in their children’s education.
  • Reach out to parents who are less engaged with the school.


  • The group is open to all parents.
  • Each class typically has one member.
  • The deputy head and an assistant head are part of the group.
  • The period of membership is for one year and can be extended.

For example

  • The Parent Council reports back to the school’s head teacher and deputy who then report back to staff.


  • The group reviews the relevance and value of its work and the terms of reference once a year in September.

Working methods / ways of working: 
For example:

  • The groups adopts a shared learning approach and there are, at present, no sub-groups.
  • Meetings are held once every half-term and the assistant head and deputy share the role of chair. Meeting topics are emailed to the deputy who organises and sends out the agendas to all members a week before the meeting. The format of the meeting involves discussions led by individual members and small group discussions. The deputy is the secretary for the group.
  • Sharing of information and resources (including confidential materials).
  • No confidential information will be shared with parents.
  • The group will meet in the school’s Parent Room.
  • There will be a place on the School’s Learning Platform for the Parent Council.

For Parent Meeting Newsletters and details of the next meeting, go to the 'Parent Zone' tab and select, 'School Letters'.

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