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Why Choose a Primary School?

Our Primary School has these benefits:

  • only one school transfer at age eleven, so less stress for pupils.
  • two complete key stages of the National Curriculum in one school, so better continuity and progression from class to class in the children’s work.
  • staff, parents and pupils having the benefit of knowing each other for eight years.
  • a familiar atmosphere and greater convenience for parents as brothers and sisters are in the same school.


Prospective parents are always welcome to talk to the Headteacher or to look around the school. Just telephone the school office to make an appointment.

For parents wishing to send their child into the Reception classes, they must apply to their Local Education Authority. 

The date for applications for children who are due to start Reception in September 2016 has closed. If you have missed the deadline, you will need to contact the Admissions Department at the Civic Centre on 01895 554466 or email at admissions@hillingdon.gov.uk.  The office is open on Mondays-Fridays from 9am-4pm.

Induction into Reception Classes

We aim to keep parents well informed and insure that children are happy to start school through our induction programme. Induction meetings for parents are held at school and there is the opportunity for the class teacher to meet you and your child in your own home. The children have opportunities to meet with their new class teachers during the Summer Term and there is always close liaison between Nursery and Reception classes.

How to Apply

To apply for a place at Rabbsfarm Primary School you will need to contact our Local Education Authority and complete the online application. The link can be found here.