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JLT - Peace Project

Violence poster
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Finding Peaceful Solutions

Members of the JLT have raised awareness about the importance of building and maintaining good relationships with others in the school community. 

This has involved working together to create plans to teach pupils how to solve problems peacefully and putting an end to aggressive responses that they experience sometimes. 

Pupils have designed posters and badges that bring the issues to children's attention. 

They have organised a Peace Patrol who are a group of pupils who volunteer at playtimes and lunchtimes encouraging children to keep their hands and feet off other children and solve problems peacefully by talking.  smiley

The Knitting Club

Thank you to all those children and parents who participated in the knitting club.  Each person was asked to knit a square, which was all joined together to make a beautiful blanket.

Thanks to those who donated both time and wool and to June Housego (Nanny June) and Felicity Staples (Mrs Smith's mum) for running this club.

Going Green Day

To raise awareness about our community litter problem, Rabbsfarm took part in Going Green Day.

As part of this, the JLT organised an after school litter picking event . Parents were invited to join their children in a litter pick in the school grounds and surrounding roads. 

We were very pleased with the support we received and hope that this has raised our communities awareness of the litter problem we have and to be more mindful in the future.

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