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DT (Design & Technology) Intent

In Design and Technology (D&T), our pupils will acquire and apply skills through structured and hands on experiences linked to our creative curriculum. The cross-curricular nature offers a setting for children to apply knowledge and skill from a number of other subjects, art, maths and science. Our D&T curriculum gives pupils the opportunities to tackle problems and create products that develop skills as set out in the National curriculum. Pupils will work collaboratively and independently whilst learning how to: design, make and evaluate products as well as developing and using technical knowledge related to their projects. Pupils have opportunities to learn and use a variety of materials and equipment to help them create projects that develop practical expertise. We intend for pupils to develop creativity through researching past and present technologies to inform their work alongside encouraging them to make their own decisions. We aim to inspire pupils to create resourceful and informed products, developing their confidence to share ideas and put them into actions. This will develop their resilience and resourcefulness needed for every day life.

Every pupil, from Reception to Year 6, has the opportunity to learn how to cook with an emphasis on nutrition and healthy eating. These skills are built on each year to prepare pupils with expertise needed to feed themselves and others. All skills will have positive benefits to their contributions to the world and their own life as they grow.

Through this intent, we aim for our pupils to develop a lifelong interest for Design and Technology. Their learning will help prepare them for the wider world and foster a passion for technology that they can contribute to in the future.

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