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Signalong - Learn Sign Language at Home

Please find below some free resources to get you going! 


For the full range of Signalong resources, along with their brochure.

For the FREE RESOURCES that Signalong are developing and sharing during this time, including:

  • At Breakfast, Cook Dinner
  • Posters: People who can help, Get Moving, Maths, Music, British Values, Health, Holidays
  • Songs: One, Two, Three, Four, Five; Brother James; Mary Mary Quite Contrary; Good Day
  • Activities: Colouring, Feelings, Spring Crossword
  • Signalong Training Handbook
  • Peter Rabbit Bedtime Story
  • Skills Pages
  • Handshape Poster
  • Ruby's Adventures
  • Signalong Anthem

You can also find Signalong resources on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Click on the relevent logo below to take you directly to their page:

       Also, look out for 'Sign of the Week' which is shared across social media. 

What's New!

  • Signing posters about:
  •  Holidays and The Beach, with key signs
  • Snakes and Ladders games
  • Story Cards

Freebie Friday's!

Visit Signalong each Friday to see what FREE resources are available.

Just scroll down to the bottom of their home page to see what new and free resources are available.

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