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Welcome to Autumn Term 2!

ALL children are expected to be in school.  Seasonal coughs and colds should not prevent your child from attending. 

Please see below for staggered start and finish times, which have been put in place to enable safe social distancing.

 Year N 6 1 5 RY 2 4 RR 3 RB
 Start 8.30 8.40 8.40 8.50 8.50 8.50 9.00 9.00 9.00 9.10
 Finish  11.30 3.00 3.00 3.10 3.00 3.10 3.20 3.10 3.20 3.20

Please see below for Launchpad and Shooting Stars start and finish times:

  Launchpad Shooting Stars
 Start 8.50 9.00
 Finish 2.50 3.00

Children remain working in 'bubbles' of thirty, with staggered break and lunch times for each year group.  We have now returned to the full menu for school dinners, with year groups adhering to staggered lunch times. The children will have the same amount of break, lunch and learning times.

We are requesting that in order to ensure all pupils remain socially distant, that Year 6 be dropped off and collected from school daily.

We are hoping that by continuing to work in this way, with everyone abiding to the social distancing rules, that we can all remain safe.

A reminder that our Breakfast and After School Clubs are only open to those children whose parents are working and who essentially need it to continue to work (proof will be required).  We know that this will affect many parents, but it is necessary, so that we can more easily track and trace contact of children. In essence, this approach will reduce our numbers in the clubs considerably, hence making it easier to group children in year group bubbles. In this way, we are trying to ensure the safety of not only our pupils but our staff too.  

It is also necessary for us to use a booking system for both clubs, something that in the past we have shied away from,  in order to give parents more flexibility, but unfortunately, now we need to be able to see who will be attending ahead of time in order for us to group the children - so booking ahead will be vital.  

We apologise for any inconvenience this new approach may cause, but it is the only way we are able offer you a service that we feel keeps everyone safe. Please email Mrs Ayris at office@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk to request a Breakfast / After School Club booking form..  This will be emailed back to you to complete and should be returned with proof from your employer that you are returning to work. We will then confirm to you if a place is available.

The staff and the governors of Rabbsfarm would like to thank you for your
co-operation and patience during these uncertain times, and hope that you and your families remain safe.

Class Closures

We can confirm that we have had a positive case of COVID 19 in the following classes which has resulted in us closing that 'bubble' by sending all concerned home to isolate for 14 days. 

If your child has been sent home to isolate, this means that they must remain inside.  Siblings of children in this group should still continue to attend school.

Return to school dates are:

5B -  Tuesday 16th November
5L -  Tuesday 16th November
4O - Monday 23rd November 
RB - Tuesday 24th November

3S - Wednesday 25th November
2J - Monday 30th November



We have upload and ELSA Social Story (below) to read with your child in order to help reassure them about returning to school.  

ELSA - Going Back to School (Social Story)

Education Resources / Educational Psychology Service (EPS) / Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA)

The School Placement and Admissions team have pulled together as many resources as possible, in the document below, to support you and your child/ren during school closure.  These resources cover all age ranges and abilities, and although sorted into Key Stages, please do look at other areas within the document, as you may find them useful.  You can also find many more resources by visiting the Learning Zone of our website.   For emotional support, strategies and resources, please visit our ELSA  page.

Can you guess what tunes our children are playing?

20190716_152139.mp4IMG_5284.MOVChild playing happy birthday.MOV
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