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News Update (17.5.21)

We would like to reassure parents that our rigorous approach to safety will continue to be maintained throughout the summer term, as primary school guidance has not changed since the announcement on Monday 17th May.

This means we will continue with:

  • Staggered start and finish times (see below for times).
  • Breakfast and After School Club will remain available for keyworker children ONLY, to be booked in advance, on a first-come-first-served basis, and will closed at 4pm for the rest of this academic year.
  • Communication between teachers and parents will continue via See Saw and email.  
  • Whenever possible, communication between parents and the office staff should be done by email to office@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk 
  • Parents will not be able to enter the school building and must ensure their children are dropped off and picked up on time in order to restrict staff/pupil movement around the school.
  • Parents will be expected to keep a 2 metre distance and to wear face mask whilst on the premises. 
  • Our staff will continue to take a lateral flow test twice weekly and wear masks when moving around the school.

I would just like to remind parents of the importance of notifying the school should anyone in their family come in to contact with someone who is tested positive for Covid-19, as this will help to prevent classroom closures in the future. 

We hope, as I am sure you do, that if we all stick to the guidelines, this will prevent further closure in the future and thank you in advance for your support and co-operation.

Staggered Start and Finish Times

These are the staggered start and finish times, we are adhering to at present.

Year N RB RR RY 1 2 3 4 5 6
Start  8.30 9.10 9.00 8.50 8.40 8.50 9.00 9.00 8.50 8.40
Finish 11.30 3.20 3.10 3.00 3.00 3.10 3.20 3.10 3.10 3.00

Please see below for Launchpad and Shooting Stars start and finish times:

  LaunchPad Shooting Stars
Start Time 8.50am 9.00am
Finish Time 2.50pm 3.00pm
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Guide Dogs - our new sponsor puppy!

PUPDATE 2 is available - please go to the Gallery / 2021 / Guide Dogs Charity - Marley

As Spirit, our previous sponsor pup is now fully qualified and with his new owner, James (see Gallery), we are now sponsorting a new puppy called Marley.  We will receive regular 'Pupdates' informing us of Marley's progress and we would love for you to follow his journey from puppy to fully trained Guide Dog for the blind.   

Breed: Labrador    
Mum:  Mosey    
Dad: Ibsen
Playing with his human friends.
Playing with his cuddly teddy bear toy.
Snuggling for a snooze.

Pupdate 1 - Marley's Training has begun!

Linda is Marley's Puppy Raiser.  She has been training for 33 years and had around 40 puppies in total.
Being a Puppy Raiser brings a lot of satisfaction to your life.  It's lovely knowing my hard work with a pup will help change someone with visual impairement's life.   I get a buzz everytime I see a qualified guide dog working, even if it is not a pup that I have worked with!

Marley is a very good pup.  I have had black labradors before and sometimes they can be more boisterious than other breeds.  However, Marley is calm and chilled about most things.  His is very confident when out and about and is not bothered by loud noises such as traffic.  

Marley absolutely loves a cuddle and being stroked.  He will lie on his back with his paws in the air so that you can rub his belly!  He wags his tail like crazy when he is happy.

When Marley was first settling in, he found nights a bit of a struggle.  He didn't like to be left on his own.  However, now he is fine and has continued to grow in confidence. 

Marley's training is going well.  Prior to lockdown we went on one trip on the bus, which went surprisingly well for his first go.  We were also able to visit a National Trust property.  Marley had a great time and love taking in his surroundings.   Lockdown has given us a chance to practise working on obedience skills.  Marley has learned the 'sit' and ' down' commands and walks very nicely on his lead.  We are looking forward to working on his dog distration skills once lockdown is over, as we haven't had a chance to see many other dogs.  

I have no doubt that Marley will continue to do well in his training. and look forward to updating you in our next Pupdate"
Linda - Puppy Raiser 

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