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Maths Intent

At Rabbsfarm Primary School, we intend for children to become confident, competent and independent mathematicians. We aim to build a deep conceptual understanding of maths and it’s interrelated content so that children can apply their learning in different situations. We provide a curriculum, which caters for the needs of all individuals and sets them up with the necessary skills and knowledge for them to inspire their minds and dreams. In maths, we incorporate sustained levels of challenge through varied and high-quality activities with a focus on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Rabbsfarm aims to develop children’s ability to articulate, discuss and explain their thinking using appropriate mathematical vocabulary. Children are encouraged to develop into resilient and inquisitive learners through our ‘mistake friendly’ classrooms, where pupils see mistakes as learning tools; there is an emphasis placed upon developing the power to ‘think’ rather than just the ‘do’. We instil the mind-set in every child and staff member that everyone can do maths and that maths is for everyone because everyone can become a life-long mathematician.

Maths Curriculum

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